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Monday, May 15, 2017

On-Air: Mad Cat Midnight with TTS

05/14/2017 06:01:24 PM

It's funny that John Joe told us that he got a hate message in the Facebook page of his radio show in Jam 88.3; like “wait, for real?!”

Yes. And it's just in time that Mad Cat Midnight featured returning guests for their edition aired 18 April, when a wacky shock pop band called Tanya Markova and a bubbly metal bassist named Carissa Ramos (naks!) were the main guests for the evening. Of course, completing the cast were guest co-host Iggy, and yours truly alongside “roadie ng bayan” JM as the guest tambays of the Jam 88.3 booth.

How did the episode went on, aside from having love talks, the debate about John Mayer, a very different comedy improv challenge? (Yes, imagine turning a hate mail into a musical message of good vibes.)

Well, you can check out more of Mad Cat Midnight's Episode 53 that featured a baptism of  fire (eh? For the third time?!) with Carissa Ramos a.k.a. Mocha Yuzon a.k.a. Caryssa Mae Dizon of Totoong Tanyakis Squad (TTS) and of course, Tanya Markova here!

Say, the long wait for this Flesh Filter was worth it. But fuck it, there's still no pizza. Screw you, Slick!

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