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Monday, May 01, 2017

On Air: Indie Nation with BennyBunnyBand

04/14/2017 08:55:14 PM

Indie Nation premiered on Home Radio 97.9 during that early January; making it another item to join a trend of promoting Philippine music at this age and time. It's quite funny that it also marked the first time I dropped by on a radio station once again after a very long time. Well, at least to support my friends and this kind of scene as well.

Also, Jose delos Reyes and his band Jose At Musika performed during the three-hour long program.

With two bands gracing the brand, we could only hope for this to continue – especially at the height of this ongoing mid-2010s band explosion scene. And is there any reason why we could think otherwise? For one has become a solid gig curator aside from being a performer; and the other being successful in amassing cults of fans as a result of their incredible sense of storytelling and infectious energy in live performances.

I hadn't been catching up to Indie Nation as of late, but as a one-time listener, I could only hope for their success during these times.

Catch Indie Nation on the program Stop Over with The Chad. Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM on The Music of NOW, Home Radio 97.9.

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