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Saturday, May 20, 2017

He Just Made The List!

05/15/2017 11:56:25 PM

Photo credits: Inquistr
As I stumbled upon Fozzy's new hit Judas, I can't help but to check out how Chris Jericho (temporarily, and not kayfabe) bade goodbye to his WWE run for now. God, Judas seemingly was a picture pefrect of Y2J's story in his heel run in 2016-2017.

It was after a one-year hiatus in 2014 when the ayatollah of rock and roll came back, and his first program was a rivalry with Bray Wyatt. After then, a short program with Randy Orton took place, probably just in time for the Viper to go on a transition going face character during the stretch.

The year 2015 turned out be a bit a relatively-quiet on WWE TV for him as he wrestled mostly on live events and hosted WWE's Tough Enough. His return somewhat came a bit under the radar despite being victorious against Neville in their Japan tour called Beast In The East. A series of losses at Night of Champions and Live from MSG gigs extinguished a what should have been a mounting momentum for the wrestling veteran.

The year 2016, though, turned up the tide for him. He faced AJ Styles in over three-month stretch feud wherein he was transitioning from being a rockstar favorite to his usual despicable self. And after gaining the win at Mania against the Phenomenal, he went to have a program with Dean Ambrose. And I must say that's one of the closest things the hardcore self of Dean can do since battling Bray Wyatt in 2014-2015.

Oh, wait, he also drew the ire of fans here in Manila. Remember?

And the rise of Kevin Owens to prominence paved Chris Jericho to be the possibly a kind of slick and slimy character known as “best friend.” It was during this chapter wherein the 26-year vet became part of the WWE Grandslam winners list.

Of course, we have seen friendships implode at the end. But really, Jeri-KO has become a good product of WWE in the recent months. They were dark but comical.

And as we see it on SmackDown Live three weeks ago, this is just a way to write Jericho off the television today as he embarks on a series of tours with his band. Probably he will be back just before summer time as in fact he was also advertised to be in the E's upcoming show in Japan by the end of June.

From there, we might see the extensive feud with Kevin Owens. Let's hope things weren't that dragging to see anymore unlike their post-Mania run.

For now, rock on the stage.  

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