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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Tuning in to Mad Cat Midnight

03/26/2017 03:11:35 PM

Talk-themed programs on FM radio has not been a newly-designed trend for over the years. We have seen a lot of them flourished from being just an occupiers in the evening prime time into either a social status or in a much elite degree of comparison, a cult. 

Iconic programs from the CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) side like Boys Night Out, and The Morning Rush managed to be a phenomenon that is running up to now, while the now-defunct shows such as The Brewrats and The Disenchanted Kingdom had a run of their own only to be sabotaged by format changes; prompted an abrupt ending to what-should-have-been a decent brand in both radio industry and pop culture.

And it's nice for another one to emerge out of a preferred-radio station like Jam 88.3 as John Joe Joseph – more known as a VJ to the defunct MTV Philippines in the 2000s, part of the horrorcore (dibil-dibil band ba) Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus, and son of the legendary broadcaster and healer Johnny Midnight – goes for a run that is Mad Cat Midnight.

Usually airs from Mondays to Thursdays, Mad Cat Midnight seems to be just another live inuman session on your radio – just minus the jamming part. Every night, John Joe invites guests from various sectors talking on a variety of topics from the typical beats of current events (news, sports, entertainment) to even barring the unbarred taboos like religion and science. Sometimes, the talk includes decrypting backstage politics among the world of performers, paranormal, geek stuff, and even love advice. Talk about a package that covers interesting stuff and interesting peeps.

Well, and it isn't called Mad Cat Midnight for nothing aside from having a no-hold-barred discussion. Sometimes, with those type of intelligent discourses comes sets of defiant guests who seemingly can't get enough of bursting cusses. Makes me wonder for a second; man, how many profanities were already tallied so far? LOL.

Just kidding.

And they may even put characters that reminds me of the tito-like Brando Braganza in the 2000s. Talk about making the show as colorful as possible. 

This is probably the closest one an get aside from having a podcast that caters to anything and everything under the moonlight and in a very uncanny manner. That being said, you better catch them as possible.

Mad Cat Midnight, hosted by John Joe, airs on Jam 88.3 every Mondays to Thursdays from 9PM 'til 12 midnight (and even extends from around 1-2AM depending on the episode's run). Visit their Facebook page on and their episodes LIVE via or on REPLAYS via

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