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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Scene Around: TheSunManager Worth Album Bar Tour 1

04/15/2017 09:24:34 PM

After a packed evening at Route 196, TheSunManager is back and were on the roll to spread the word. April Hernandez's solo has gone bigger and with a full-length album that has been worth the wait for the fans of her indie-folk music.

First leg was held at Pablo's in BGC, and it was a good hearing spot for a Wednesday evening as Ben & Ben, Autotelic, Run Dorothy and Tom's Story joined the mid-week party in celebration of the band first release in over four years.

Any why not, right? They managed to packed the venue for a somewhat light and easy listening music thanks to an collaborative variety of acoustic iyak-sayaw pop, post-and-math rock, and indie-folk music and the sophisticated ambiance of their setting. That said, looks like Pablo's will be one of my chillout venues soon – regardless if there will be performing or not. 

P.S. Pardon for the crappy photo, though. I only managed to salvage this after taking a lot of bad shots during the gig.

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