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Sunday, April 09, 2017

The Scene Around: General Miss A's Birthday Gig

04/09/2017 02:05:24 PM

In a night where all the nightout spots were seemingly packed to the doors with artists that promises to bring awesome music and entertain people in the process, rare are the gigs wherein a good-sized lineup fares well with them with the aid of intimacy atmosphere.

Well, my good partner General Miss A celebrated her birthday gig, and I know – being part of organizing pool was always the stressful part, especially with schedules matters. 

However, despite some timing mishaps along the way, I can still say everything went through as planned. We kicked off with Anton Molina Project at 8:00PM, making their first live performance in a very long while (August last year, to be exact). 

BennyBunnyBand, Farewell Fair Weather, Takits (in a short set), Tom's Story and Paranoid City also took their respective turns.

And the evening turned out even more special as Nanay Mo and Shadow Moses collaborated in a rare time for the latter's song Service Unavailable 2.0. That blew everyone off the roof.

Autotelic capped off the gig at and that, apparently, had everyone keep in their standing ground 'til 2:05 AM. And probably one of the under-rated gigs that has ever staged. Like seriously, rarely do a one-time or first-time organizer would manage to pull off a heavyweight-laden roster in a weekend that seemingly full of big-time scaled bar gig. 

Well, I kinda wish I could pull one soon, though. 

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