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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Scene Around: Cunejo Album Bar Tour (Nov. 2016)

04/14/2017 09:24:11 PM

It was in a random November evening when my partner General Miss A asked me to join her at Mang Rudy's Tuna Papaitan and Grill as one outing of the pop band Cunejo had their bar tour at the venue. She was then on her photographer duties.

It was actually the first time I dropped by the venue, and it was a music box compressed into one relatively small space – nearly similar to the Pares Retiro branch in Cubao that has Taggo Cafe inside. But make no mistake about this – this is the palce where you can get some mix of best and underrated musicians like Beia Stone, Cunejo, Antimano, and even Soapdish.

It was the first time to hear Soapdish and probably not will be the last one as they actually exceeded my expectations if you compare their radio hits to what they are when they perform live. Damn, son!

It was a near-perfect night when we hear Typecast will be performing as well; and that could almost give me an instant punch back to the ages where the mid-2000s music scene was mostly comprised of the 'emo rock' and the fruitful local bands like them. However, an emergency calling has put Steve Badiola on a solo acoustic set, and still ran flawless.

Wish I could hear more of them soon, though.

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