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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Pre-take: PWR Wrevolution X

04/29/2017 05:52:18 PM

As much as I want to stray away from making predictions on other wrestling shows, that made me think otherwise; like... why not? 

Apparently, this will be the first time I hit Philippine Wrestling Revolution's premier show (simple, a counterpart to WWE's WrestleMania, or  NJPW's annual January 4 show called WrestleKingdom) since 2015, during their staging at the crowded (and hottest) Makati Sqaure in May 2015.

Frankly, I was quite shock to hear that PWR Wrevolution X will be staged at the end of April 2015, just in time for the long weekend wherein shows like a music video launch events and two production celebrating their respective anniversaries will be taking place during the said stretch. 

And somehow, it's good to be at least have a little knowledge on what is the current wave of the wrestling scene here in the country. We have nine matches scheduled (not for one fall) in the most-likely 4-5 hour event. Now this should better be a blockbuster in the making.

Martivo versus James “Idol” Martinez. A punk doll versus one of the top henchmen of The Network. Well, while Martinez's faction has left a mark in nearly half of PWR's entire run so far, they were inching near the verge of implosion. Makes me wonder for a second. 

Okay, maybe not. Martivo should win this. That simple.

Another all-out war wrestling match for this year. And for the last one, The Apocalypse had a chance to win it when the PWR Championship is at stake between him, Jake de Leon and eventual title-defense winner John Sebastian.

Now we're in a battle between love and hate. While Red Ollero has become a staple figure with his gigantic... love, the Apolcalypse, despite having tons of viciousness on his showing, always comes up short. Will the darkness prevail at the PH version of show of shows? 

I frankly doubt. Love wins, will always win, and should win all the time. However, the most improtant question: will these two fighters, representing two most constasting icons of life, manage to put up an instant classic?

Well, let's find out tomorrow, 'cause we all are hoping for one.

Now things should better be more interesting at the succeeding matches. We have two elites classing with each other – and we're talking about The Senyorito and Beautiful Billy Suede. They got beautiful gimmicks to hype everything up. Now we could only hope that their “classic” by paper will be translated into a match for the ages here.

Will the PWR's biggest babyface end up victorious? That's more likely, proving that “here in PWR, we have competition and we mean competition.” That's a bold statement to the Fil-Canadian wrestler who ekes out with two squash-mannered wins.

Three tandems will be slugging out against each other to win the new (sorry, Fink) PWR Tag Team Championship. And frankly, as much as Deadly Sinns were seemingly the underrated one, and The YOLO Twins appear to be a helluva-strong contender here, I'd like to see Fighters 4 Hire to be crowned. 

It's not simply because they are faces among two heels, but the thing is while there are bunch of youngsters appear to be an instant attraction sans their ranting-like-those-millenial-assholes character, Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax were the real deal here; the fact that one is a Bulgarian Brute-lookalike, and the other has been very well on exhibiting the moves of the Beast Incarnate should tell you you can't mess with anyone and it doesn't matter if you are a bunch of self-entitled konyo or wannabe kupals. These two came to a fight and will be end up fighting. So it's F4H for me.

Ken Warren, after calling out Mr. Sy for his demand of “competition,” we have another potential classic in a match with Bombay Suarez. Now this should be more interesting, with two former PHX champions bound to shove and brag who has a better comeback in PWR now? 

The clock says it's time to kill this bitch, now.

Speaking of PHX, a qualifying contest for the threat PHX championship match is also scheduled. Is it Chino's Path to success or will the Fil-Japanese sensation Ralph Imabayashi's new attitude lure him an opportunity for PWR''s second most-coveted prize?

I think it will be revenge time for Guinto, considering him being one of the then-top favorites for the Path of Gold match. Still, it's sad for the guy who's been on a huge slump despite having one of the favorite finishers in the current pro wrestling scene. What's the essence of pulling off numerous Sonic Crushers if you wound up winless in your matches, right?

That said, if Chino Guinto wins the qualifier, I could see him winning the yellow-and-white against Sandata and Peter Versoza.

But what if the Golden Boy doesn't win it? At least we could see P to V losing the belt. Hopefully, Sandata.

And probably the Panzer army will laugh the loudest ones at the end; this, ending John Sebastian's title reign as PWR Champion. But don't expect the feud to be over, unless the story-tellers declare it as one. However, expect another instant classic to cap the show.

PWR Wrevolution X will be held on Sunday, April 30, 2017, 2:00 PM at the UNILAB Bayanihan Center in Pasig City. Tickets are available at the door for 400 pesos.

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 september twenty-eight productions

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