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Friday, April 28, 2017

StopOver: Kalanggaman Island

04/15/2017 07:33:48 PM

It was in the middle of my 9-day (or so) journey at Leyte when my relatives decide to do something that probably had been raring to do when it comes to family trip – and we mean going on an island. That said, Kalanggaman island is one of the recently-noticeable spots in the country.

Kalanggaman Island was a then-inhabited island that gained massive prominence after being discovered by a shipping cruise (MV Europa Cruise Line) in 2013. The incident had made over almost 400 passengers stay there for a couple of hours. 

And since then, Kalanggaman Island has been more visited by tourists.

It was almost 9:00 AM when we reached Palompon Port, after almost four hours in the road and witnessing the beauty of the island and its mountains and mind you, even bay side. Before taking their boats, though, it is mandatory for the visiting tourists to register first at the Palompon Ecotours Office located in front of the Liberty Park. 

Usually, it takes an hour to reach the destination by a regular boat; and nearly 40 minutes in case you are riding a speed boat.

There are no privately-owned resorts in Kalanggaman Island. However, overnight camping is allowed. And speaking of which, it's better to check out the weather news prior to visiting the destination. It is more cool to stay in Kalanggaman Island as long as there are no predictions of having rain (hey, that looks scary). 

But apart from that, there are also native huts available for rent and overnight camping tents. So let the good times roll while seeing the stars in the night and do a lot of stuff in the morning such as swimming (of course), snorkelling, kayaking, scuba diving, and even play beach volleyball. 

The 753-meter long island also boasts white powdery sand and long sand bars, calm ambiance for a beach, and (of course) crystal clear waters.

I quite hear that Kalanggaman had revved up their amenities, and that is something to look forward to should you visit the island in the near future.

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 september twenty-eight productions

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