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Saturday, April 22, 2017

PlayBack: UDD - Sigurado

04/09/2017 07:47:32 PM

(Well, this was from one of their 2016 show, as far as I remember they had their identity changed since the turn of the year)
You can call me late-comer, but really, it took me some time to appreciate a very remarkable artist such as this band we all know for a decade already -- and before -- as Up Dharma Down. 

And as the year turned a notch up four months ago, the quartet re-baptized themselves as their initial-only UDD and a new single in time for what has seemingly a continuous evolution from being a slow-alternative (with resemblances of synth and ballad sometimes), into their kind of electric pop alternative that has groove and retro piloting the mix.

Certainly, a first-timer will get hooked up in an instant with those bass guitar hooks. That carried the song on its shoulders to whatever the kind of pinnacle they have right now – and we mean their massive cult following. Indeed, lyrical work and the complimentary instrumental effort of synth-drums-and even rhythm guitar supported them well.

Damn it. That bass work really made me glued into this one for numerous times in a single day – just after the first time I hear them. Giving me the chill-yet-groovy vibe for five minutes or so.

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