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Sunday, April 23, 2017

PlayBack: Gabby Alipe – A New Strain (EP)

04/14/2017 11:27:32 PM

Just when everyone thought Gabby Alipe's music career (as a singer and songwriter) is over, we were wrong. And probably, he didn't looked like he left at all; we were even proved wrong when he released his six-tracked EP called A New Strain.

But just fret if he didn't go either the Urbandub or Gabby & John way as his record proved there's more left inside the tank of this Cebuano legend. And we mean by going the mixture of electronic, hip-hop (or “trip-hop”), and acoustic sound. That apparently sounded heavy by paper, but it turned otherwise. 

Heck, he even penned and performed a Filipino track called “Paalam” that has sounded break-up somewhat intended for easy-listening.

While a part of his lyrical work makes everyone realized of his frontman self, its theme proved that he has gone into sort of enlighting-optimistic self (hear “Visions,” “Oceans,” and “Demons”), while Ether proved to have a fuel called social commentary as a bonus track. 

Lo and behold, Alipe just reached the milestone. And despite being storied as a rush item by its production process, its signs weren't obvious. No wonder this guy has been hailed by many – and I mean both the cults and critics.

Verdict: 8.4

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