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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PlayBack: Apartel - Sala Sa Init (Music Video)

04/09/2017 04:47:59 PM

Soul collective Apartel appeared to make another short movie out of their song – just as smilar to what they had done in their debut song Is It Hip?

While The Candy Man has proved another cult-deep clip that involves gangster parties, chocolates and everything that requires excavation of the mind, Sala Sa Init turned out to be either: a mind-boggling video (if you're a fan), or another point of confusion (if you're less interested).

The first look will probably make you see something beneath an apartel of dark rooms, close-to-sexual-encounters, badass bikers, cast of villain similar to a Japanese fiction show, and even the party with the playing band. But that probably was just part of a concept that was inspired by a bunch of thrilling motion pictures.

And turns out, Buendia's tweet might just give every plain spectator an idea to solve your curiousity that has something to do with Sala Sa Init. Giallo cinema (a type of mystery-film that was made by Italians during the 20th century) and Japanese Horror Cinema has made this possible to put this 70-ish sounding song in a visual picture.

The question: has it fared them well? On a cult-deepish aspect, probably it is.

As for me, this has just gave me a glimpse of something I am not totally familiar with at the moment – and probably be interested in exploring in the future. Just except from the flaming character scene that was obviously one of the signatures of a Japanese picture series.

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