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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Two Smackin' Raw Talks

03/02/2017 08:09:54 AM

Just when we thought disappointments will be ruling the road to WrestleMania, wrestling fans have seen at least few sets of turmoils on the works. And two of them are about to reach their boiling point.

Talk about a protege versus idol. A blast of lambasting from what they do in the past as part of the defunct faction we know as The Authority. Nothing delivers that kind of promo other than Hunter. And we probably have seen Seth to retract on his initial declination of making a cameo on Orlando this April, but you know what? That's still good because of the fact that Seth was heck of an effective actor during these off-the-wresting fight shenanigans. Expect this one to topple all RAW feuds soon!

And for the past few years, almost any Mania program that has gone through Triple H proved to be a successful story in professional wrestling, from the Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker to his metaphysical scuffle with Brock Lesnar; from harassing Daniel Bryan's gates to the miracle in Bourbon Street to a once-in-a-lifetime duel with Sting. Save the forgettable crumble to the Roman Empire, though.

Miz and John Cena's clash at WrestleMania – with their partners in assistance – should prove to be who's the real A-lister in sports entertainment right now. Would this be a star-studded battle? That remains to be seen, though we wish this could be a mixed tag team match instead of a singles clash say, WrestleMania 27?)

Miz was on point for putting the irony on John Cena, and I could not agree more. And John Cena managed to level his opponent's savagery, something I have been fan of. Make no mistake about it; he's a goddamn promo wordsmith especially during his confrontation segments with Paul Heyman three years ago. And that is the classic guy I'd like to see if he turn heel soon (we wish!).

But for now, this is where the writers of both RAW and SmackDown were excellent at. The elements of career history, the savagery and profanity (when needed), and with the wrestlers delivering properly on the mic; I think we're about to see new best programs for the year 2017!

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