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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PlayBack: Sud – Show Me

03/21/2017 09:47:48 PM

I might be bias on doing this stuff right now. Well, don't get me wrong; while Sila can be considered a “so mainstream” thing, hearing their other tracks proved they have a lot more in store to offer. Now only if you give them a listen to their ultimate-slowdown tracks “Safer” and “Smilky,” the seducing “Make U Say,” and straightforward uptempo “Profanities.” This one, though, is my favorite out of their 8-track thingamajig.

Show Me, their latest music video, may appear like a teaser of what's inside their album as the melody welcomes to a medium-chill kind of alternative from collectively bass and keys. And it should really look like a promising welcome anthem as their title suggests – but not in a way where you might be thinking of. 

And if they said this was their daring music video to date, they may be probably right as I haven't seen them do more of the acting other than Sila (which exposure were quite limited).

One of the typical boy-with-the-crew trying pleasing the lady, but somewhat fits the concept with the sort of Motown-like vibe on it. And probably, the only thing missing here is Sud doing the guitar work.

This may look like it's just another thing for the fans to lure that there is more songs to this band than their famed Tagalog anthem. Well, if you are really a casual fan, they did a great job. 'Cause I'm pleased.

Verdict: 7.4

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