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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PlayBack: Carousel Casualties - Flats

03/15/2017 08:09:27 AM

Say, nine months could actually spell a whole lot of difference. I remember hearing Carousel Casualties as a plain spectator (well, I still am now) on a random WAT UP gig last June and they actually sound different way back then. Probably the changes in lineup had taken effect for real.

Hearing this version of Flats has gone into a whole bunch of level compared to how they made it before. From what has supposed to be a indie garage rock music with resemblances of 90s alt and pop, this recording goes a step backward (and we mean the term in a good note) to an 80s-like impression. Probably a first time hear would make you think like either “are they new” or even “are they even locally-made?”

But maybe it (the latter) was just me.  

It was a total turnaround that is paying them goods and for good. It's pretty safe to say they are living now to their resetting phase; and that being part of the bands under the Trust The Process tutelage of Mr. Cris Ramos, expect this quartet to make more noise.

Flats is one of the Carousel Casualties' three released singles off an EP that is projected to be released later this year. Give them a listen on Spotify or via Soundcloud

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