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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Marching Blockbusters Ready For Take Off!

03/02/2017 06:19:26 AM

The first weekend of March 2017 seems very interesting for the local music scene, as for three days there will be series of launches for new singles, videos, and albums. That's aside from having a music festival, an album bar tour, and some sets of heavyweight gigs during these upcoming times. In the great words of my senior friends Mr. Cris O. Ramos, it's tanking season as if the NBA Playoffs, the ongoing PBA Finals, and WrestleMania season approaches by the same way as the country has been on transition from the cold season to summer.

To kick things off on Thursday evening, two of the crowd favorites will be hitting new singles an music video. First off the bat is SUD's music video launch for Show Me, the first track off their debut album SKIN. This sexy alternative quintet will be up for somewhat a similar sound that took them to stratosphere. 

Now this should be interesting, considering Show Me is my personal favorite from that album. And as long as there are still breeze during these days, I think it's time to bring your lover here in Katipunan and witness the boys in their most daring role yet.

RSVP to their event page here:

Also, happening on Thursday the 2nd will be Jensen and The Flips as this super-swabe (and super-sized, err... by numbers, bruh!) band takes a first big teaser to their next album by launching a new single BDYTLK – and at the same time, new music video.

As it seems, they are going more louder. Hey, who says swabe/baby-making music can't be upbeat? As long as the sensuality remains with the groove, it's fine. Expect kolehiyalas to flock Felipe & Sons for Jensen Gomez and his squad will deliver another goodie to remember – probably the first MV launch in the past 13 months.

We have two album launching events that are taking place at your favorite hangout spots in Makati City. On my left, Uprising Records will be launching the self-titled debut album of the hip-hop quartet Illustrado. It will be happening at the most ruckus area called B-Side at The Collective in Makati City.

For sure, hip-hop heads will be up for a treat as Batas, Sayadd, Goriong Talas, and Apo Lerma will be performing alongside some of the dopest acts in the genre. The uprising continues as it seems with this 15-track record spinning off.

And on my right, Locked Down Entertainment will be launching the album of Flying Ipis, the follow-up from their pop-punkish Give Ipis A Chance three years ago. And seems thing are about to get even sexier with this femme fatale quartet as the music video launch for Walust will be also taking place inside the Roach Motel, err, SaGuijo in Makati City.

I'll say this should worth the long wait as the punk rock band came this close at the 2015 Jack Daniel's Indie Music Awards; plus their tours overseas, including their participation at the 2016 South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. And with around three or fours songs already off the bat since GIAC, their canned version should better be interesting.

We move forward to everyone's favorite day – that is Saturday. Up-and-coming band MilesExperience will be launching the music video of their fourth single Anggulo. This will be their third under the direction of Jiggy Gregorio (the only MV not under his helm was Down) and first to be released under major label MCA Music.

Say, that rounds up the week wherein three biggest drawers will be unveiling visuals right before the eyes of their cult followers. That said, expect a jampacked night at that very spacious nightout spot called 12 Monkeys.

RSVP to their event page here:

As for the north, we got the nerdcore rap trio Shadow Moses going full-blast and full speed ahead as MCs Chyrho, Ninno, and beatsmith Six The Northstar guns for the kill with the Super Turbo Shadow Moses launch – otherwise known as the Shadow Moses album launch. It will all take place at Mow's bar in Quezon City.

This (event and venue) may be smaller than that of Illustrados album launch but that doesn't mean anyone will be spared from the gutty wrath of dopeness as several hip-hop acts will also share the stage for a bunch of brainy spits and just in time for their Cebu-Bacolod getaway with their friends from the indie music scene.

So imagine a very much lively music week ahead of you. Six event launches with their respective stellar lineups to compliment them all. And we didn't even mention Wanderland here yet, right?

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