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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Upcoming: Luna's Para Sa'Yo

02/23/2017 08:11:16 PM

Are you stressed? Feeling down or broken? Or just fed up with anything in life right now? Hey, don't fret kiddos, as MamaMo Productions will kick off 2017 with an album launch that might sound a remedy for all your post-day shenanigans. 

And literally, they sound like one as Luna's will be launching their album Luna's Para Sa'Yo this Friday, 24 February 2017, at Mow's Bar in Kowloon House in Matalino Street, Quezon City. 

Join this up and coming alternative rock band as they perform their songs for instant good vibes to compliment a night of thrill, chill, and feels alongside bands Banna Harbera, Maude, MilesExperience, Watching The Wheels, and December Avenue. Also, DIKYA clothing will be selling their merchandise items!

Entrance is priced at Php 250 and it comes with a free CD. RSVP to their Facebook event page here.

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