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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

PlayBack: Parokya Ni Edgar - Lagi Mong Tatandaan (Music Video)

11/08/2016 11:02:30 AM

When was the last time you have heard a very serious love song from Parokya Ni Edgar? As in from the theme itself to the tone of songwriting in such a rocking manner that a lot of us had been fond with?

Maybe the late 90s hit Halaga was considered as one. Your Song was light and good for the heart – and more poetic as it seems (English eh!). And Gitara is the second coming of Harana – but with more funny-yet-realistic approach.

But Lagi Mong Tatandaan, the first single off Pogi Years Old – Parokya Ni Edgar's first studio album since 2010 – was fitting enough to be called romantic and rocking ballad at the same time. I mean, sure we can all argue that the music of Chito Miranda and his band has been stagnant – or very consistent, in a much positive note – despite existing for already 23 years in the industry. But perhaps, when they talked about things that involves relationships, it appeared they evolved at some point. This track wasn't just a consolidated pieces of love advice.

But romance sells, my friends. And if you incorporate artistry in it, you have an instant hit in a music video. Perhaps that explains why Lagi Mong Tatandaan was such an eye-candy, and Parokya Ni Edgar hasn't really lost its swagger. And that speaks why this music video wasn't just typical. Hey, it's tough to express narratives within four and a half minutes with performance video on the side (Hey Vinch, what are you doing there?).

And love never goes out of style – or rather, time; especially at the advent of online dating and even premarital sex. That, on a negative context, explains why the L word is cynical either. So this song fits in the present just like a reality check if you have been experiencing a fallout.

Verdict: 8.3

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