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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

PlayBack: Ninno - TCK

11/09/2016 09:50:18 AM

I have seen this kid a year ago, at the 2015 Fete dela Musiquie indie stage. Along with Curtismith, this guy really sounded new to me as the last time I checked myself I was digging some other dope locals like One3D, Plazma, Skarm, and Cameltoe.

Hey, don;t get me wrong when I say this: these kids on the block like Curtismith and Ninno can really tore the house down, man. Saw the 23-year old artist's latest project in YouTube, a music video TCK (Third Culture Kid).

Well, this one's basically like a primer to his album: spitting hard-hitting lyric work in various mix of instrumentation. No wonder it is the title track, but other than that, I must say I have yet to dig this stuff on Spotify and Vandals On The Wall

And frankly, his work is not-so-typical compared to the usual rap songs that has to be sound so fancy.

No, I won't make this edition of PlayBack a sort of review. But rather, just sharing the goodness of this guy right there. Make no mistake about this: with his craft mold like that, expect him to be one of the pillars of rap music soon. Very soon.

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