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Friday, November 04, 2016

PlayBack: Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (Album)

10/10/2016 11:56:54 PM

Perhaps, it's no surprise why the French duo Daft Punk has been making exceptionally-good music since 90s. And certainly their recent work Random Access Memories was a living testament to it; winning the top accolades for the 2014 Grammy Awards such as Album of the Year and Record of The Year for their carrier single Get Lucky with Pharrell Williams.

For 74 minutes, this 13-track album gives you a mixture of craft this duo has done for over the years, with a tribute-like Give Life Back to Music kicking off the grind; Instant Crush (with Julian Casablancas) a taste of an epic collaboration; Giorgio by Moroder, a nine-minute evolution with documentary mix on the side (no wonder why it was nine minutes long); Lose Yourself To Dance another chillout dance hit; among others.

And at some point, some tracks were actually consistent in pace en route to the next ones. Take Wither-Instant Crush as an example.

Plus the CD itself make you realize like it's those old times where discs – compact and vinyl kind – were designed the classical way. Now that's what a pop album should ever been made in the first place.

Random Access Memories may have sound similar to that PC-related terminology, but just the title living up to its expectations: various experimental sounds done the poppish way. I guess the collaborations with several experts like Williams, Giorgio, Casablancas, Nile Rodgers, and even their orchestra worked very well.

Verdict: 8

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