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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

PlayBack: Clara Benin – Human Eyes (Album)

08/13/2016 11:07:44 PM

We all know Clara Benin is a young gem in the music industry right now. Well, even if she left barely two weeks ago through that two-day solo concert at the Music Museum and an announcement that sent shock waves to her peers and fans. 

Who would've thought of a 22-year old lady, for after few years in making waves and noise, will retire from doing her craft? Yes, the daughter of the Side A bassist Joey Benin who just proved she is not just another name, but got the talent to back her up and be raved more than just a second-generation musician.

And true enough. In just one year, Clara released two records – an album titled Human Eyes (March 2015), and an EP named Riverchild (December 2015). Let's focus on the former.

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Ten tracks were included in the album – all of them penned by the singer-songwriter; conveying unique stories, yet one similar vibe. Indeed, a chill-like-you're-in-a-coffee-shop feeling.

The feels were strong in this one, especially when I hear the title track (Human Eyes), Dust, and Easy. While Be My Thrill and Easy was an instant fave for easy-going times, and Kingdom Come is – I must say – sacredly done.

Though elite as it seems, this album wasn't just an artsy-fartsy thing. It was a total heck piece of art. 

Verdict: 7.6

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