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Monday, April 4, 2016

PlayBack: MONEY-Making Dive

04/04/2016 04:46:54 PM

As of writing time, I haven't seen the entirety of WretsleMania 32. It had lukewarm receptions by having some awesome matches (specifically, the Hell in a Cell match, ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship, and the triple threat match for the WWE Divas Women's Championship) and a fucked-up main event between Triple H and Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Plus the fact about this program lasted almost five hours. Ouch.

Speaking of which, let's talk about a defiant battle between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker, a match where the son bitch of Vince McMahon proved himself very well despite a loss at the end.

And this suicide elbow drop will go down as the very highlight reel of the Star Mania, in front of 101,000+ people watching inside the Cowboys Stadium.

Yeah, it might have looked like a botch since Taker went out of table to dodge its impact (if he took Shane's bump, it will be more dangerous). But heck, it's still a goddamn “holy shit” moment, eliciting such chants from the crowd.

I initially thought he will never do such risky act after that 'leap of faith' elbow drop he made a week ago at RAW. And considering they will be locked up at the devil's cage, I really thought so. But fuck it, I was wrong.

Why did I say so? That is for me to find out as I watch the replay of WWE WrestleMania 32 tonight at FOX Philippines. Show starts at 10:30PM.

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