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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Playback: MilesExperience – Down

03/03/2016 04:08:41 PM

Hearing MilesExperience as a novice-leveled listener and only having music channels and radio stations as your only resorts would only give you an impression of these: the bunch of gwapitos who can woo every kolehiyala with their music; and the band who made two melodramatic jazz-soul-alternative tracks whom sounded either sultry, taboo-defying, or sexy at will (Love Supreme and Silakbo).

But their newly-published Down is a different story. Though not as perfectly poetic as it gets, their words seemingly conveying a bunch of tornado-like twist and turns. Like a rocky-road manner of storytelling in a concrete planned emotional plot.

However, the execution in musical form is somewhat another thing. It's like a bold defiant to their previously-released singles: not exactly the sad lyrical work, but close to the exact “happy” song one can think about.

Though not as upbeat as Home, Down executes a different vibrancy that could hype up the crowd once you heard it... well, especially the live version; Imagine hearing shades of Beatles or those choir-like tunes for a stretch, thanks to the keyboard work of Guido Hizon; while Justin Teano's riff goes on another signature ride, yet retaining the sexy gestures he made from Love Supreme and Silakbo.

It looked like more of a classy mixture of jazz and funk, that sometimes I would even think of a gradual rising tension of climax somewhere out there and down by the later on.

And that being said, will suit better with a bottle of beer on one hand, while you're about cap the evening on a high note. Who knows? You might end up doing a little bit of head dance on its near-ending.

You can see the music video, which appeared like an after-movie of their album launch here.

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  1. Very Well Said..������i so love this GUYS!!the first time i laid my ears to their songs it feels like "not afraid to fall in love" again.,nakakainlove sobra sila.,I LOVE YOU always M����.,i am always a fan of a band,but not as loyal as i am to them.,take note,ALBUM nila ang una kong nabili sa lahat ng inidolize kong bands since before..I LOVE YOU Guys.,Tim,Ian,Guido,Miles and Justin.,salamat sa pagpapakilig..������ -Aerolyn


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