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Sunday, December 06, 2015

PlayBack: SUD – Sila (Music Video)

11/30/2015 9:03:37 PM

There are lots of wonders in this song the first I hear them live. But moreover, there is something magical on its music video. Forget the typical concept where musicians flaunt their stuff as if they are performing on a small gig or a big concert.

This one—Sila by SUD—is way too different. Not sure if there’s a glimpse of scenes from the Cinema One Original entry Baka Siguro Yata here (correct me if I’m wrong). The story may be quite generic, but you just can’t question how Sindikato Productions consolidated a single ‘unbidden-the-forbidden love’ story in five minutes and twenty-seven seconds.

Decibawl was right when she described SUD’s latest ballad as “a loving ode to the telltale pain and bliss of love, in spite of circumstances, and gambling on consequences.” I could to agree more. The straightforward approach tells everything about what the two characters are about to undergo.

My buddy from Definitely Filipino Sherald Salamat can only make romantic analogies when he told me his feedback about this song (hey, I never even expected he will appreciate such indie-produced love anthems in the first place).

But hey, I am still thinking about what happened to the ending. As much as I was entertained by the music video, I liked puzzling myself on watching some “mind game” scenes like what happened at the ending.

If you got a guess in mind, feel free to let me know.

Meantime, this deserves a massive rave and views on YouTube. Heck, if radio stations here have the guts to play quality music, I suggest talk to Warner and get this record on your playlist—be it a pop one or love-song driven. Here’s Sud Ballacer and his band with the music video for Sila.

More of Decibawl’s review on this article from Vandals On The Wall.

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  1. Alam ko na po yung ending! Hahahahaha. Magkasama na sila. Kasi na close up yung kamay ng girl dun sa pag abot nya ng yosi. And it is the same hand na nag turn off sa clock. Pag binalikan mo yung scene na pinatay rin ng guy yung clock, masyadong manly yung hand nya eh. So ayun, i therefore conclude na magkasama sila that fateful night of Feb 28. Na curious din kasi ako sa ending kaya paulit ulit kong pinanood. Lol. ����


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