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Monday, November 09, 2015

The Scene Around: Jack Daniel's Future Legends Trade and Media Launch

11/7/2015 4:57:17 PM

It was a rainy Tuesday evening (13 October 2015) in Buddha Bar as Jack Daniels Philippines formally launched their program for the independent music scene called Future Legends. 

For the span of two years, several bands will be playing for events organized and sponsored by the whisky label. Also, for the said time-span, there will be Indiefest and as the culmination, the Jack Daniels Indie Music Awards will be held once again on 2017 where from hundreds of bands of variety of genres, only one will be called as the Jack’s Chosen One.

Performers during the evening were the best three bands from the recent Jack Daniels’ Indie Music Awards: Flying Ipis, Autotelic, and this edition’s “Chosen One” Farewell Fair Weather.

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