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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Scene Around: Autotelic Birthday Bash

11/1/2015 2:18:59 PM

This is the event I’d like to personally called OCTO-Telic.
And why not: four of the members of this band called Autotelic have celebrated their birthdays on the month of October; while the synth player EJ is on November 1 (ironically as of this writing), and their bassist Pabs is on March.

But as Neil, Kai, Gep and Josh had their huge blowout party; so were the other performers during the evening as Jensen and the Flips, Urbandub (in acoustic), Tom’s Story, Oh, Flamingo!, tide/edit, and Lions and Acrobats also joined the party. At least, that’s another Thursday night to remember with the uprisers and heavyweight shits coming together for a birthday bash.

And before the night is over, JB of Docdef Productions gave the band a cake; signifying that indeed it was a wild, epic night.

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