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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Playback: 7Lions - Born 2 Run

1/19/2014 2:00:00 PM

Since late 2013, I suffered another sign of an eargasmic person after listening to this track. Well, this time around, I just want to feature this on my blog for now since I have been a fan of rap-and-rock mixture. Talk about the single "Born 2 Run" from the band called 7Lions.

At first, I only heard this thing on World Wrestling Entertainment’s top weekend offering Friday Night Smackdown as part of their opening billboard. Until I do my research on the popular video streaming site YouTube.

Well, their music video version actually sounded better than their original recording eh? The live version seemed suck though. 

And... yeah, deeper but kinda uplifting lyrics.

It may be one of those “so 2012” tracks, but hey, this actually makes sense more than anything that the industry had then.

Indeed a classy shit! 

The lesson here is that: make sure next time you tune in to your favorite programs (regardless if it's sports, entertainment or a mixed content), try to dig deeper on their soundtracks. 

Believe me, you will appreciate that more, especially if you are more of a fanboy or fangirl than I do.

And at the depressing times like I had been undergoing through right now, I barely need some kind of music like this.

I just imagine though, looping the track on my playlist should I hit any running event. Seriously.

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