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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Playback: Jojo A. and The Tiger's "Treasure."

9/6/2013 4:30:13 PM

Is old school the new cool?

Well, if you’re not convinced. How about this stuff?

Seems Jojo A is flaunting his dance moves again, eh? He seemed to be a bit flawless on this one. Perfect move, perfect tune, perfect timing as it appears. Wow. How about a round of applause for this TV personality and 2 of his counterparts from The Tigers?

This is something I would like to feature out as sooner or later, I am writing about some of old-tuned-like hits are gagging up the airwaves of almost every pop music station.

It seems that out of numerous chart-toppers, some old funky beats are making their own roll again, eh? Can this be a rebirth of funky music? Find out soon!

Okay, this post seemed to be shorter above them all eh? Don’t worry. I’ll make it up all to you guys soon!

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