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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Random things that rocked my college life – part 2

College life doesn’t revolve around the school. For most of the time, it used to be off-campus. Like those ones that I mentioned in my previous post, it’s not mostly happened in class. When my first year buddy left school for a premier state university then, I know it will be heartbreaker for my part, not because of something involved between but the fact hat she’s one of the guys who held me back on my feet through the time. But I have to accept it. People come for a while and eventually leave. Nothing is permanent. And to tell you the truth, my penname (slick master) apparently was influenced by this fella.
After all I’ve been dreaming to be called master, I never expected to be called like one even though I’m not literally an expert-minded person. But perhaps, WEIRDNESS that these guys had brought me counts more than just staying off-class and watching them doing audio podcasts and acting like disc jockeys. It was a very close encounter and that’s my first real barkada.

Another good thing to remember was REUNION. I was reunited with my childhood friend during a summer break then. I was staying on my provincial home for the first time in a long time when we encountered each other again. It’s fine to notice that time flies and thru social networking, we’re connected again. Same goes to another old buddy of mine though I have lost contact with her this time and another childhood pal though hopefully, I’ll see her some other time when I’m working then.

DRINKING SESSIONS was of course, it can’t be denied to be part of the list, though I know I’ve posted it out as part of the PERKS. And that includes a chill-out at my place after those long, tiring theater art class.

THESIS DAYS. Hell yeah! I’ve been craving to do research matters and my long-time groupmates came to the rescue. Well, what a coincidence. We’ve been half-busy and half-fun for most of it despite losing my school ID at National Library, experiencing even financial difficulties, and of course like the one I mentioned earlier (you know that, man!)

OJT. It’s been a tough road on my way there. Me and another classmate was supposed to be at a radio station to be assigned first only to find out that we didn’t made it at their application process. I didn’t lose hope though; I turned to TV assignment and went full-time there. Been mostly on taking shot lists, cutting clips, research and observing how video editing works while going home on barely a long walk basis.

BREAKOUT SEMESTER. 3rd year, second semester served as my breakout period then. not because of doing TV Production, but I’m talking about my character here. I was on the verge of rising up after Ondoy almost entire submerged my morale. Yes, it was a brief depression before I get away with it. I have my own group of friends (actually, a trio) and my eyes were opened up to the realities this time. Like from one of my professor’s words (though not in exact but I got what he means) “anyone can be a great person. No impossibilities” Like a camera, if during the old times only the elite ones who can be a good photographer, now almost anyone of us can be like one with the advent of technology to the extent that even cellphones have that feature.

More than what I got was I guess was being a part of a sports writing contest way back then. I got in for free though not for the school’s pride but for myself. Though I lost there, it doesn’t matter. It’s the experience that counts that time since I never expected to make it to the cut in the first place. Wow!
Lot of good things though, like my last attempt of auditioning at Magic 89.9 Junior Jocks and running at 2010 DZMM Takbo Para sa sa Kalikasan. Like what I said previously, I didn’t much focus on winning. I just enjoyed the moment. I know eventually it will be my time and more than just my BREAKOUT SEM.

FINAL ACT. More than OJT, I know that my days in CEU are numbered then. and for me being able to finish schooling like that. Wow, I never noticed that I came this far. It’s hard to leave but you know, we always need to move on. I have good memories even if I’m just an average joe student, much lower than I’m expecting considering the fact prior to entering the phase, I planned to be something higher than that. But it’s okay, I accepted the reality and in fact, college life molded me for what I really am today. What am I talking about? See part 3/the breakout.

Author: slick master | 11:24 a.m. | December 1, 2011
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