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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Highway Naming Right Blues.

Epifanio De Los Santos Avenuewas the primary highway at Metro Manila. It has 24 kilometers in length andcovering the cities of Calocan, Quezon, San Juan,Mandaluyong, Makati and Pasay. In this road you will see a lot ofindustrial and commercial establishments, roadway infrastructures,advertisement billboards, and the Metro Rail Transit Line 3.

But more than that, EDSA was a major part of the Philippine history, especially in the moderntimes. This road was the main stage as millions of people raged into thestreets, waged and standing up bravely against the armed forces and protestedagainst the Marcos regime. This paved way to the birth of a new republic andCorazon C. Aquino was the woman of the moment as she on behalf of her latehusband bravely opposed then-President Ferdinand Marcos and named the icon ofdemocracy after the dictator was forced to leave the post and Aquino moving tothe presidency seat.

25 years afterthe most recognized violence-free movement in the world, the highway was thetalk of the town again after a legislator from the House of Representativesproposed a bill that will change the name from Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue to Corazon C. Aquino Avenue. According to Cong. Rene Lopez Relampagos of Bohol, the author of House Bill 5422, the name will beserved as the nation’s tribute to the late president. His statement goes:

“One cannot think of 1986EDSA revolution without thinking of Corazon Aquino. It would be a fittingtribute to former President Corazon Aquino, woman of courage and valor thatEDSA – an avenue that became testament to the country’s love democracy, shouldbe named after her.”

Apparently, the bill calls for the repealing of Republic Act 2140, by which then-originallyHighway 54 was eventually changed to Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue – namingafter the late former Nueva Ecija governor and famous historian. And if I’m notmistaken, it was during the tenure of Ferdinand Marcos when the naming right ofthat highway began.

And it appearsto be in contrast of the bill of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago which isAnti-EPAL Bill.

As I observe differentpeople’s reactions from all corners of media organizations and socialnetworking, most of these people shouted for “NO!” on that issue. Reasons?

· EDSA was already part of the history.
· It can’t help reduce the traffic decongestion,one of the major problems in the Metro
· Very useless, brainless and irrelevant bill.There are a lot of worthy problems to deal with.
· Very awkward name.
· Politically “sipsip.”
· Too much of naming rights after presentpoliticians and its families.

But there arepeople who says “YES” in hope for the fixture of traffic problems and due tothe fact that they don’t even know who the hell is Epifanio Delos Santos. Hmmm…yeah. Who’s that guy? Well, watch this video and educate yourself.
("WORD OF THE LOURD: ANG EDSA, BOW,” aninterstitial written and anchored by Lourd De Veyra, aired at TV5 during thefirst quarter of 2011")

My take: the said bill has good intentions. But Cory’s now at the new P500 bill with herhusband Ninoy. besides, EDSA is EDSA. It cannot be a CCAA or Cory Avenue. It cannot be changed anymorebecause there’s a milestone behind the name of the road. Besides, there are alot of foreign roads which much deserves to be changed since we shouldestablish our own national identity through the name of streets, just similarto Roxas Boulevardin bayside of Manila(which its former name was Dewey Boulevard.) Another thing; during the pastadministration we have witnessed that there are lot of roadway infrastructuresnamed after its political relatives? Example? In PGMA’s term, some of the roadsand bridges were named after its father Diosdado Macapagal like the boulevard inPasay City and the bridge connecting Marcos Highway and C-5 by pass road in theside of Marikina River to name a few of them. But let’s not brag at the past.

They say that ifthey will change the name of EDSA, why not include the entire country’s nameitself? But that’s senseless and really too much though. Now, let’s focus onhow the traffic should be fixed and there are many problems need to beresolved. Cory’s memory is enough for all of us to remember. She was undeniablythe modern-day savior from democracy. But let’s stop (doing tributes) fromthere and focus on the future. Remember, we’re still stuck on the miseries wehave even if it’s not 1986 anymore. What am I talking about? See yoursurroundings and the news to answer your question.

author: slick master | date: November 24, 2011 |time of writing: 12:50 p.m.

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