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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Locking out

Locking out

Lockout issues are at it in the NBA again. What is this lockout thing? That is a business term used by the sports league(s) that is (are) suffering on its financial difficulties. I’m not a financial expert to explain the hell problem. All I know is that it may be also a dispute between the parties of the league and players association. Thanks to an article by Ed Tolentino on an issue of Tower Sports magazine dated March 2011, now I understand even a bit of it. I’d like to get back on that dispute.

The NBA can be compared to a typical company; it has management, departments and laborers. But to be simple, employer and employee are quite much applicable. Their relationship is governed by a contract, a legal, written agreement which defines the conditions, rules, and regulations (or let’s say it in general, RESPONSIBILITES) between them. Similar to the NBA, it is what you called the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The league’s CBA consists of trade rules, contract lengths, salary caps, and etc. about financial matters that can run the league for a long period of time. If one expires, they have to make a new one in place. Otherwise, a lockout ensues in respond to its disagreement between the league and its team owners and the players association (or players as a whole.)

If you will remember 12 years ago, the NBA had its first lockout during the 1998-99 season, or after more than 5 decades of operating. And the result of it? 82 regular-season games shortened down to 50 due to the late agreement made on February 5, 1999.

Let’s move fast-forward, as US had been on its recession mode recently, the NBA had went into its own version. What I mean by this is the lock-out itself. After the league and the players association had been went through numerous meetings between them, no agreement has been made as of press time; resulting into cancellation of practices, the summer leagues operated by the league, and cancellation of the entire pre-season and also the games on the early goings of the regular season. Now what are their impacts aside from that? No live airing of NBA games, but the leagues around the world may take advantage of such. Like players traveling abroad to play a game and paid after on an agreement basis. Just like the NBA itself, sign and play and pay was the main game.

Guaranteed it is.

Now the figures? I can’t give you any updates as of this point. I’ll research more on that hopefully soon when it has been resolved.

Author: n.d. a.k.a. nestor / slick master | Date: 11.04.2011 | Time of writing: 11:14 a.m.

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