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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Throwback weekend programming.

Throwback weekend programming.
Author: n.d. a.k.a. nestor / slick master
09:27 a.m.

I wish RX’s the Monstrous Riot was included here, but its schedule falls on the mid-week. Anyway, to start things out; if you are a FM radio lover regardless of what station you are patronizing, you will notice this: for 7 days that it airs, there will be allotted like a day or 2 for playing classic songs. Whether it’s the old contemporary style of programming to the present “masa” ones though I know it doesn’t applies to some of the radio stations nowadays since when it comes  to things like this, they used to play some timeless hits by daily basis anyway. Here in this post, are some of the nostalgia music programs that I listened to since birth. (So at least if there’s something I wasn’t able mention, please let me know about it.)

Now, some of the famous old school programming ever heard since I was a kid was from the present masa stations either? What I am talking about? Love Radio’s “Sunday Golden Morning.” I used to remember that I heard that first during those Sundays when I hit by a nearby barber shop and I was barely a young kid then. And another thing, it used to air from 4a.m. onwards then. It plays some of the best oldies from late 40s all the way to late 60s. Perhaps it was the best thing that still exists on that station amidst major changes by the turn of the millennium towards its emergence on being the top radio station at the middle of the first decade of the 21st century.

Next on my list, 99.5 RT’s “24K weekend.” Hits from 80s, 90s, and early 2000s were on its playlist, something that is quite similar to RX’s the Riot. But the difference is that this special program airs by the entire weekend, from Saturday midnight to its signing off time at 12:00 m.n. of Monday. So, more time for nostalgic thing for the past 3 decades? This one’s another long alternative. It went on since RT days until RT was aired back by the late 2009.

From general to specified. Let’s go gaga on 80s here at this special program by Magic 89.9 called “Friday Madness.” Since its inception by the turn of the millennium, Friday Madness plays mostly 80s music with a bit of very early 90s and late 70s. So, it’s like digging retro funk to new wave to newer trend of pop and rock music genres to the birth of hip-hop and its early days. Full of variety on its “Yesterday Hits Today” show, huh?

From 80s, let’s level up to 90s and still with the Magic. It’s Saturday Slam. Since midway of 200s, Saturday Slam first exists as an 18-hour program that airs by 12 midnight to 6 in the evening. Then it moved to the slot that previously occupied by then the Nightlive while the hosting chores remain then. Max Speed used to be the previous host of that pre-empted program that runs thru 6-9 p.m. and he was joined by J-Bounce at some early goings. Times had changed and so were its lineup of program and jocks. But by this year, Saturday Slam now airs on a 12-hour basis from 12 noon all the way to 12 midnight, while the party time slot was moved to 12 midnight. Hmmm, no wonder since weekend parties originally starts by that time especially nowadays if you hit the night spots.

Perhaps the last thing I heard of the many, many memorabilia thing was 90s on decade by Mellow 947. Since the station transformed to its new format, 90s music was part of its programming then. For 12 hours starting by 6 a.m. every Saturday, Mellow plays 90s music for every genre and every song available on its play list.

Nothing much to comment about, I just love listening to classic songs regardless of what decade it became a milestone.

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