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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Social networking blues

Social networking blues
Author: n.d. a.k.a. nestor / slick master
09:42 p.m.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, and even the pioneer ones like Friendster and MySpace had been the major reason why majority of the world’s population have been digging internet, especially nowadays where being online in either computer or via cellular phone was the best thing in communicating. But let’s focus on the present. Since Facebook’s inception during those prime days of Friendster, the site hadn’t took a major hit until it went for some innovation like putting up online gaming as a big feature. And the result? Since as early as 2008, people had been moving to the “FB” and later on, it became a major populated site. And as the site’s population in the county goes, so was the attitude of users flaunting in it. Even me, I’m a guilty of some bad scenarios of being in the social media, like most of my posts in Facebook were barely as similar as to those AC/DC in media. But hey, except the 2 Cs though since I don’t have anything to collect.

Anyhow, as learning to cope up with new guidelines that a man should be I have came up with some few tips on how we should act as decent as we are in front of our screen-and-pad.

Don’t tag everything. I have to admit, I used to have a bad case of tagging, being a suspect on majority of all my uploaded and personally taken photographs (not of myself, but anything else.) What I mean by this rule was to don’t tag uninteresting poses, not-so-good shots like one getting drunk or those unusual moves. In other words, the ones that can or will possibly screw his or her reputation. Because internet is a big avenue it can be a harmful for one to abuse it.

Don’t post any no-brainer thoughts. Especially if you don’t really have anything good to say like bashing other users, posting non-sense comments and that includes “FIRST!” But the only problem about it is it can be a violation for one’s freedom to express him or her self but on the other side, it means decency and make sure that you’ll be able to defend yourself to others whom may possible berated you on their reply.

Don’t post it all. Whether it’s your video making love or your sexy –time-like-pose photograph or even the picture that are not originally your and just downloaded somewhere else. Some women were having a major problem when their ex-boyfriend blackmailed her about their deed. And that’s the hardest part. But I’m not really pertaining to that situation. What I mean is that there are things are meant to be unsaid or left in private matter. But if you really want to show that, make sure it was meant for selected people or else you will suffer the consequences. You’re dealing with a lot of people now not just in reality but also on the virtual side where billions of users are sneaking.

Never posts your whereabouts for most of the time. It has two sides. Advantage: you’re updating your followers as if you are a celebrity. But disadvantages: you yourself are invading your own privacy and it is very risky if you’re talking security-wise.

And this one was popular in the Philippines. Think before you click. Yes, since a lot of us Filipinos were barely emotional this rule should apply to us. Even me was one of those guilty ones, though not in romantic side though. Haha! Anyway. It means we should be careful on what we are trying to post or anything that we will say. ‘cause it may make-or-break you. That’s the power of words. Like one of the basic rules in communication. Never say a word when you’re at the height of your emotions.

Well, hope that can help you out on saving yourself from being a total-idiotic virtual dummy to a civilized netizen. But I suggest you check out those proper articles about social networking etiquette or this video from Word of the Lourd.

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