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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sensationalism kills.

Sensationalism kills.
10:12 a.m.

Sensationalism. This is nothing new in media anymore. It existed even before martial law was implemented by President Marcos. And in fact, this bad case was one of the reasons why the Proclamation 1081 was made in 1972. but let’s move fast forward to today. From stupid questions shown at an episode of Word of the Lourd to a note shared thru a page in Facebook. This guy whom may be unknown in your eyes and mind as an experienced journalist shares his insights regarding the today’s media blunderers regarding how the industry responded to the issue of MILF-AFP clashes in Mindanao recently.

As I personally read his note, I have to agree with him. This goes not just on the said issue, but over the time they covered some incidents as well. Remember the Manila hostage crisis? And some certain issues this year like Sally Ordinario’s execution where unnoticed on its live coverage, people from the media organizations ask a question which goes like “dinibdib nyo po ba?” common sense as it is, right? By the way that line is what I had seen from the WOTL’s Snappy answers to stupid questions. And also asking the questions like that may be sounding like a newscaster’s a lawyer interrogating the hot-seat man of the moment, but this tactic is already part of trend nowadays in broadcasting news. It sounds stupid as it seems and if there’s something you can blame on, hmm… I don’t know whom.

By the way, I am speaking from what I saw and personally learned from being a student practitioner for a few months and from the curriculum I had during my college years. The thing in journalism is the fact that the corruption exists, so it will be a harder thing to face on if you aspire to be a catalyst (or a bunch) of change in mass media.

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