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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Poppish sound. Dumbass mainstream?!

Poppish sound. Dumbass mainstream?!
10:39 a.m.

I’m not a music guru or something much inclined into, (though I’m trying to aspire being a lyricist for some time) but ever since the new artists showed up on gigs, new songs airing over CDs, MP3 players and radios, there is one thing I asked over my mind for some time: the music is evolving, but is this really the one that I should listen onto? Take for instance, the rock genre. From underground, it gone to mainstream slowly but surely and from one old rock genre it had gone to different classifications. Progressive, metal, other types of hardcore, mixture of punk, or of pop, or even rap… well, you name them. Same goes to rap, it went to novelty and hip-hop. But apparently novelty was always a part of pop music.

Now here’s my point as what I also got from the point of an article published at Garage Magazine last January. You’re hearing beats, robotic voices and even singers whom may be just a product of internet showcase as some music experts may point out nowadays. Are we hearing dumb pop noise?

Honestly, I cannot answer that question; perhaps you can see it for your own. Research and studying it at your own risk is always the best way of solving that. As for me, I can say, not totally because the singers whom had penetrated the mainstream were somehow were the singing champs at their own rights and on their communities. And we do have naturally different perceptions when it comes on singing. We have the critic in ourselves to pick which music is in to our own ears to whose are not worthy like a trash. So it’s really all up to us. So you may hate the likes of Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black ‘cause if you find his voice irritating or hate the noise of rockstars or even tell rappers whom songs sounds like those jeepney-playing shits that “you suck” with your middle finger flashing at them; but hey, I’m telling you that they made it there with at least one or few people believing that they are good in that phase. So there’s nothing that you can do. Try make your own music then.

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