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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Discs to downloads

Discs to downloads
11:03 p.m.

From old, classic, large vinyl to cassette tapes, to miniature-sized-vinyl-liked compact discs to digital files like MPEG-Layer 3 or much better known as MP3(s). Since the old times of contemporary music, people had been searching and somehow, owning at least one of the things that I mentioned. If you’re a 60s (or earlier) music lover, at least you had a chance of seeing an old vinyl record spinning at an old turntable thing called phonograph. After all, it was in 1979 when Sony and Philips invented CDs but I bet cassette tapes were invented even earlier than that. But as time goes by whether it’s that little tape, or even the Betamax to the discs-era, it can’t be denied that music is part of one’s daily lives especially if he or she doesn’t need the likes of radio. All he does is just to open up that component and play it in.

But now, times have changed and CDs are just a thing in most of the radio stations in case if the play list in their computer doesn’t work out temporarily. But it can’t be denied that purchasing one solidifies an artist’s popularity. Most of the songs are just a single download click away nowadays. Paying the price of it is another case as majority of the internet-users-slash-music-lovers used to do this illegally. And at first, it is very hard for the law enforcers to trace every case of it though it can’t be denied that at the same time, it’s also hard for more users to download tracks since internet rates are at its not-so-fast speed, with very-high-priced-usage for some who utilizes the modern medium at the computer shops.

Now, does the music industry really make money out of the things nowadays? Still they are. That’s the most important question and that should really matter the  most since some old tradition stuff needs to cope up if it can’t make up to revolutionizing . Downloading songs do really costs low; though buying al album is much, very much affordable. Just by comparing them you can already see the difference.

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