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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just my Opinion: Fliptop - Giving the hiphop a new, rejuvenated flava.

Just my Opinion: Fliptop - Giving the hiphop a new, rejuvenated flava.
by n.d. a.k.a. nestor
05:32 P.M.

Say, a rap battle here in the Philippines had just given the hiphop culture a new sense of life. Perhaps, rappers would say thanks to the MC Anygma (or Enigma, whichever is right), DJ Lamok or anyone else whom organized the first Filipino rap battle called "Fliptop."

Try see the video made by about their interview on the main man who used to be the man-in-between or let's just say, the host for the rap fights. (URL;

But if you ask me? I think it's the right way to resurrect the hip-hop culture here, especially to recognize the fact that this country is full of poets and lyricists (or even the wannabes), but the fact that this country is also more known on ballads, rock, and pop music either and hip-hop is not fully accepted. This is certainly a big step forward to the said music culture. Kudos! And to think that since hip hop is an explicit kind of lyrical nature and for sure, you can't be able to see that on either radio or television medium, i think the Internet (though appears to be the last resort) would be a good way to disseminate the medium. (so, thanks to Youtube!) And come to think that the rap music is established by the late Francis Magalona, no wonder why this music is still on the verge of evolving through a rap battle/competition like this.

(In case you don't really know what the hell is Fliptop, visit their video channel at

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